TZ Productions

Animal Conservation Efforts

TZ Productions has not only been a leader in the enhancement of animal care in captivity, we are also proud to partner with conservation projects in the wild.


As a responsible elephant manager, we are Gold Level Institutional member of the Elephant Manager's Association. TZ Productions' support of organizations such as the EMA are crucial to improving not only the knowledge base of information, but the communication between elephant managers worldwide. Furthermore, TZ Productions supports the EMA's various conservation programs.


TZ Productions also supports the Two Tails Ranch and it's All About Elephants program. This conservation and awareness program has been developed by Patricia Zerbini, daughter of producer
Tarzan Zerbini. The facility is open to the public for tours, educational seminars and exhibitions. Two Tails Ranch has been a crucial facility in the research and development of elephant breeding in the US.

Over the years the ranch has joyfully participated in the the breeding and birth of multiple baby elephants for various organizations, and has recently begun development of it's own captive breeding
program with members of our own herd. More information on the Two Tails Ranch and our All About Elephants program can be found at


In 2014, TZ Productions formed a new supporting and participating relationship with the Asian Elephant Support group... a not-for-profit organization supporting multiple conservation programs world-wide.

In a joint decision between AES and TZ Productions, our supporting project of choice is the Conservation Response Units in Sumatra. The project is provides census and tracking information of
one of the world's most interesting elephant populations.

Not only have we provided significant annual contributions directly to the AES, we are always eager to offer our staff's knowledge and decades of expertise in support of these projects.

More information on AES can be found at  If you love elephants and believe as we do that being able to witness the wonders of these beautiful animal in person is important, we encourage you to support our public AES fundraiser by donating what you can at  By donating through this third-party site, it helps us prove the awareness value that our public and educational performances bring to the preservation of elephants in the wild and the hopes that future generations to continue to enjoy learning more about elephants through those thriving happily in captivity.


Our family friendly circus is a perfect environment to educate both adults and children alike. There is no other place where the general public can witness the the natural abilities of these magnificent animals and and the developed trust with their human partners. TV, videos and books cannot provide the perspective that witnessing circus animals up close and personal can.

At our events, patrons learn about our animals through announcements and other media. Our MC and production staff encourage visitors visit not only our websites, but also the websites of our conservation partners in hopes that they will contribute directly to the projects.

To further support our various conservation projects, TZ Productions is proud to state that a portion of the monies from our animal ride operations are used to directly fund these efforts. Not only do our animal rides provide a valuable exercise opportunity for our animals, it also allows them to directly support their relatives in the wild.