TZ Productions

The Shows

Shows produced by TZ Productions are presented under different names depending on the location
and/or the sponsoring organization.

Currently, approximately 90% of our shows are for the Shriners (Shrine Circus), you may also see us
as the "Royal Canadian Circus" or simply the "Tarzan Zerbini Circus".

Striving for quality, not quantity, TZ Productions prefers to produce one quality show at a time. We will
on occasion produce a second "special" production or "double date" as long as we can maintain the
same "top quality" production that we are famous for. Unlike many other producers, TZ Productions
strives to maintain its production integrity by not spreading itself too thin.

Types Of Productions...

Fully equipped to produce shows in all types and sizes of venues, we are undoubtedly the most versatile
production company in North America.

Arenas large and small, casinos, theaters and our spectacular European circus tents are only a few of
the venues in which we produce both traditional and contemporary entertainment.